package serialization

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Type Members

  1. class CommandSerialization extends MessageSerialization

    Extension for protobuf-based (de)serialization of journal commands.

  2. class ConfirmationSerialization extends Extension

    Extension for protobuf-based (de)serialization of confirmation messages.

  3. class ConfirmationSerializer extends Serializer

    Protobuf-based org.eligosource.eventsourced.core.Confirmation serialize.

  4. class MessageSerialization extends ConfirmationSerialization

    Extension for protobuf-based (de)serialization of event messages.

  5. class MessageSerializer extends Serializer

    Protobuf-based org.eligosource.eventsourced.core.Message serializer that uses the Akka akka.serialization.Serialization extension to find a serializer for an event contained in an event message.

  6. final class Protocol extends AnyRef

  7. trait SnapshotAccess extends AnyRef

    Input and output stream management for snapshot IO.

  8. trait SnapshotSerialization extends AnyRef

    Snapshot (de)serialization utility.

  9. trait SnapshotSerializer extends AnyRef

    State serializer.

Value Members

  1. object CommandSerialization extends ExtensionId[CommandSerialization] with ExtensionIdProvider

  2. object ConfirmationSerialization extends ExtensionId[ConfirmationSerialization] with ExtensionIdProvider

  3. object MessageSerialization extends ExtensionId[MessageSerialization] with ExtensionIdProvider

  4. object SnapshotSerializer

  5. implicit val snapshotMetadataOrdering: Ordering[SnapshotMetadata]

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